About me

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Hi guys! I am Renuka Tandon, the owner of Thrills n Trails.

I live in India with my loving husband and two wonderful kids. My son is in college and should be graduating in Computer Science and Engineering next year. My daughter is a non-verbal autistic child (with an additional genetic condition). She currently spends her morning hours at a vocational school.

As you can imagine, life with a non-verbal autistic family member has been a giant roller-coaster ride with its fair share of ups and downs.

As a family, we have come a long way from the shock and disbelief that came from not knowing what we were dealing with, to a wonderful sense of acceptance and appreciation for what we have in our lives today.

The learning curve has been a long, arduous journey filled with struggles to make sense of what was going on, why ‘other’ folks behave towards us the way they do, and how to find our own happy space under the sun!

It is true that over the years, we have faced some crushingly painful moments. Feelings of utter helplessness and loss. The sense of “I wish all this would magically end.” (No, I am not talking about thoughts like this-is-the-end-of-the-road-for-us. We were lucky to escape these desperate thoughts. Sadly, this may not be true for some other special needs families!)

But there has also been an equal number of (if not more) moments of love, joy, and sheer bliss! Those moments when we feel sure that we are part of a much larger PURPOSE or DESIGN. Again, there are many special needs families who do not have the ‘luxury’ of experiencing these moments of sublime realization.

Together as a family, we have come a long way in accepting and cherishing one another. My non-verbal child has taught us that LOVE is the only language that does not need any words!

However, I have found out over the years that when it comes to individuals with special needs, more often than not, they lack the creativity and imagination to live their lives purposefully.

It is often left to the caretakers (usually, parents or siblings) to find out ways and means of providing these people with a wholesome life experience.

And while most of the time, they manage to do so, it can be an emotionally draining experience to do so day in and day out. Especially considering that they have their own lives to lead, jobs to do, and interests to pursue.

Furthermore, there aren’t too many opportunities for special needs folks to socialize and mingle as neurotypical people do, and they (and their families) tend to get left out at most mainstream public events like stage shows, movies, literature events, and so on.

Thus was born an idea to provide special needs individuals and their families with a space to unwind, relax, learn, grow or experience exciting and stimulating events.

Welcome to Thrills n Trails – a unique event management company whose primary purpose is to meet the social and leisure needs as well as provide wholesome entertainment to families with special needs individuals.

While the primary focus would be on special needs families, the activities and events are designed to include ALL sections of society with the idea of promoting acceptance of one another, inclusion, and unity.

I truly believe that EVERY living creature has been put on this planet with a specific purpose. No one is more or less important than anyone else!!!